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Day 16: Munich
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Ampervilla Hotel


Sunny with a high of 25C

Day 16: Wednesday, September 20, 2006     Munich, Germany

Oh My God, Not Again

Ken awoke at 5:00 am with a severe case of diarrhea from last night's lasagna.  This repeated itself 4 or 5 times by the time Kathryn awoke at 8:00 am.  We were in a bind as we had already booked a hotel near Munich for the next two days and our current hotel was fully booked and we couldn't stay there another night.  Checkout wasn't until 12:00 noon, so Ken stayed in bed -between hurried trips to the bathroom - alternating between sweats and chills, while Kathryn went looking for a drug store.  She returned with a box of Imodium.  Ken downed a couple of pills, then a couple more, we loaded up the car at noon and headed out for Munich.

This was another three-country day as we went from Switzerland to Austria to Germany.  It was supposed to be a four-country day as our original plans also included a journey into Lichtenstein.  We were also supposed to go see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen, Germany.  It is supposedly the model for the Cinderella Castle in Disneyland.  As we were literally driving from rest stop to rest stop all day, we decided to take the fastest and most direct route.  We got stopped at the border into Austria and a rather stern border guard informed me that it was the law to have lights on during the day in Austria - Kangoo did not have day-time running lights - and I could be arrested if I didn't keep my lights on.  I don't think he liked the fact that I was driving a car with French plates and then turned out to be "American".

A church in Austria.  Notice the beautiful blue sky.

We did see - and visit - a variety of restrooms on our trip this day.  There was one in an exterior building that was so filthy that it made Ken's stomache cramps disappear.  The next one down the road was the Rolls Royce of outdoor public toilets.  It was cylindrical and the entire interior was stainless steel.  You pushed a button and the seat rotated out of an opening in the back wall.  When you stood up, the seat was automatically sprayed with hot water as it rotated back, as well as the funnel shaped bowl.  There were recessed sinks with liquid soap and hot-air driers to clean up.

After several more Imodium pills (probably over the daily limit), Ken's stomach cramps quieted down and we drove the last couple of hours without having to stop.  It just so happened that Oktoberfest was happening in Munich while we were there - who knew Oktoberfest was in September.  As a result, hotels were at a premium, so Kathryn had looked on the Internet and found us a relatively cheap, luxury hotel - the Ampervilla in Fahrenzhausen, about 20 km north of Munich.

Kenny starting to feel a little better

By now Ken seemed to be getting over the effects of his food poisoning.  We had an excellent meal in the dining room of the hotel - Ken's first food of the day.  After dinner Ken went for a sauna and, wrapped in the complimentary terrycloth robe, returned to bed for a much needed sleep.

We took no other photos today - for obvious reasons.

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