Kathryn and Ken's European Vacation
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Day 33: Cruise at Sea
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Day 29: Istanbul, Turkey
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Day 33: Cruise at Sea
Day 34: Corfu, Greece
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At Sea


MS Rotterdam


Mostly sunny with a high of 24C


Day 33: Saturday, October 7, 2006     Cruise at Sea

A Chance to Work on That Tan

Today was a day at sea as we made our way from Alexandria to Corfu. It was a quiet, relaxing day for us after the previous long day at the pyramids.  We slept in until 10:00 am and went for breakfast on the Lido.  Ken came back and had a nap.  We had a late lunch and Kathryn went to play bingo while Ken laid out by the pool.  It was Kathryn's lucky day as she won $100.  It started to could over so we went to the movies in the afternoon and saw "The DaVinci Code".  It was quite entertaining and the popcorn is free.
The dress code for the night was formal again. After taking nearly a hundred photos the previous day, we did not take any on this day. Our waiter showed us a trick by rolling a dinner napkin up to look like a mouse and then have it jump when someone touched it.  Ken was quite taken with this and


immediately tried to learn how to do it.  The photos taken and shared by the MacDonalds show him working hard to perfect it. The entertainment was the cruise ship singers and dancers doing a Vegas-style show.  We had seen lots of these before so we went to bed early.



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Day 34

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