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Day 45: Menton, France
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Day 44: Menton, France
Day 45: Menton, France
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Hotel Napoleon


Cloudy and rain with a high of 16C

Day 45: Thursday, October 19    Menton, France

Rain, Rain Go Away

We woke to clouds and rain - our string of hot, sunny weather was broken.  Kathryn had remembered seeing a laundromat on the main road off the freeway as we came into town.  We loaded up all our dirty clothes into the car and off we went.  We found the laundromat and loaded up the two free washers.  While Kathryn sat with laundry, Ken wandered about half a km before finding a bakery.  He brought back coffee, juice and croissants for breakfast.  Because there was only a couple of washers, it took us until noon to finish all our laundry.

Ken enjoying the weather on the balcony
The light rain continued all afternoon, so we made sandwiches and had lunch on our balcony.  WE had been going all out for a long time, so it was kind of nice just to lay in bed and read and relax for the rest of the afternoon. The rain kind of let up early in the evening so we walked down to Rue St. Michel for dinner.  What had been a fairly vibrant square the day before was pretty much vacant.  With all the rain, most of the stores and shops had closed up early. 

We walked along the waterfront and checked out the menus in the windows before settling on the Restaurant L'Occitan. This was a small three level family restaurant that filled up shortly after we

 arrived.  The food was excellent.  We had red wine, melon soup, tomato and feta salad and fried sole.  We had a slice of delicious lemon pie for dessert.  This was Ken's birthday dinner as we didn't do anything to celebrate his birthday the day before.  We walked back along the boardwalk.  As we crossed a small square just outside the restaurant, we noticed the ground was littered with all different colours of large "maple leafs".  It was the first reminder to us that it was the middle of October and we were actually into fall.

Ken and a large "maple leaf"

Our hotel has its own private beach and restaurant across the road and below the seawall.  The photo at left from the hotel brochure shows what it looks like in the summer.  With the cool weather and rain, it was deserted while we were here and the restaurant wasn't open.  So sad!

There are no slide show photos of Day 45.

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