Kathryn and Ken's European Vacation

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Day 57: Flying Home
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Day 50: Arromanches, France
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Day 57: Flying Home



Our House
Calgary, Alberta


We came home to snow and 2C


Day 53: Tuesday, October 31    Paris, France

I Can't Believe It's Over Already

We had to get up at 5:00 am to catch the shuttle to Charles de Gaulle Airport which is 23 km northeast of Paris.  We had to swing by a hotel in Montmartre to pick up another couple.  It was really foggy and we couldn't see very far in front of us.  We used the last of our euros to buy breakfast at the airport and then had to wait because none of the ticket agents were at work yet.  By the time our British Airways plane took off at 7:45 am, most of the fog had cleared.

We landed at Heathrow in London at 8:10 am, picked up our luggage and went through Customs.  We had a four-hour wait for our Air Canada flight home .  We had 5 left which we spent on pop and junk food - and almost spent it all.

We took off at 12:40 pm and, with the time change, landed in Calgary at 3:00 pm.  Our friend Linda Jesmer picked us up at the airport and she had a care package of bread, milk, eggs, yogurt and fruit.  You can't find better friends than that.

We arrived to snow covered streets and very cold temperatures.  Ken's brother

Bing had been looking after our house while we were gone.  We came home to garbage bags stuffed with leaves with our photos as well as pumpkins and black cats on them for Halloween.  Although we were exhausted with jet lag, we went over to my nephew Jeff and Corrine's house to see the grandnieces and grandnephew.  Papa Ken even went out in the freezing cold trick-or-treating with them.

Finally, back home to our own beds for a much needed sleep.



  • Four Continents: North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa

  • Sixteen Countries: Canada, United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland), France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece (including Rhodes and Corfu), Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia,  Italy, the Vatican and Monaco

  • Travelled By: Planes, cars, boats and trains and a camel (for Kathryn)

  • Days: 58

  • Arguments: One

And the best holiday ever!



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