Kathryn and Ken's European Vacation

All photos are the property of Ken Runquist and have been reduced in size for faster downloading.  The originals are 1280 x 960.  Contact me by email if you would like a larger size copy of any photo.
Week 1
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We don't know if it is due to global warming or not but we had beautiful weather and 20+ degree temperatures all week.

WEEK 1: September 5 - 11:

London, Cambridge and the Southwest

The first four days of Week 1 were spent in London - not nearly enough- then on to Cambridge and two nights at Chippenham which we used as a base to see the Cotswolds, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford and a piece of Wales.

During our visit , we managed to see these famous symbols of London:
the photos are thumbnails - click on them for a larger view)

Big Ben
Royal Mail
Phone Booth
Double Decker Bus
London Cabs

Day 1: London Day 2: London Day 3: London Day 4: London Day 5: Cambridge Day 6: Chippenham Day 7: Chippenham