Kathryn and Ken's European Vacation

All photos are the property of Ken Runquist and have been reduced in size for faster downloading.  The originals are 1280 x 960.  Contact me by email if you would like a larger size copy of any photo.
Week 2
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Another week of mostly warm and sunny weather.

After nearly two weeks in England, Kenny became a real Anglophile.  He can't wait to come back to the UK.

WEEK 2: September 12 - 17:

Yorkshire, Scotland and the Midlands

During week 2, we finished our tour of England.  We left Southwestern England for the North, to Bradford and York.  Then on into Scotland and Edinburgh.  Then back down to the Midlands and eventually to the Canterbury and the Southeast. On the last day of week 2, we crossed the Channel on the ferry to Calais.  We were in three countries in one day.  We had breakfast in England, lunch in France and dinner in Germany.  I have moved Day 14 into Week 3 for continuity.

Some sights from Week 2   (the photos are thumbnails - click on them for a larger view):
York Minster, York Edinburgh Castle West Lothian, Scotland
Lake District Canterbury Cathedral White Cliffs of Dover

Day 8: Doncaster Day 9: Doncaster Day 10: Edinburgh Day 11: Edinburgh Day 12: Alfreton Day 13: Medway


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