Kathryn and Ken's European Vacationgan

All photos are the property of Ken Runquist and have been reduced in size for faster downloading.  The originals are 1280 x 960.  Contact me by email if you would like a larger size copy of any photo.
Week 3
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Our luck continued to hold with gorgeous weather in the 20's.

It's a Small World
Everything in Europe seems so close compared to North America.

WEEK 3: September 18 - 25:

Mostly Germany

I have started Week 3 with Day 14 because this was the day we crossed over to the Continent.  Most of Week 3 was spent in Germany but during this week we twice were in 3 countries on the same day.  As a boy who grew up on the Canadian Prairie where you could drive all day and never leave Saskatchewan, this totally blew me away.  We were in the following countries during Week 3:

France Germany Switzerland Austria

Day 14: Lahr Day 15: Lucerne Day 16: Munich Day 17: Munich Day 18: Nurnberg Day 19: Dresden Day 20: Berlin Day 21: Berlin

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