Kathryn and Ken's European Vacationgan

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Week 4
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Kathryn and Ken had been on several 7-day Caribbean cruises in the past but this was there first 12-day cruise.

We found Athens to be a crazy place with too much traffic.

WEEK 4: September 22 - October 2:

Athens and the Cruise

Week 4 started with a couple of days in Athens and then we boarded the MS Rotterdam for the first part of our Cruise.  We met up with a group of friends from Calgary who are all retired educators. Knowing that there is no McDonald's on the ship, so we are taking our own with us.  Actually we are taking the MacDonalds.  We had cruised the Caribbean with the MacDonalds and Lunns before and always had a good time.  Arlene was the Science Lab Tech at Henry Wise Wood High School when I taught math there.  She ended up moving to Western Canada High School as the Lab Tech where Kathryn was a Biology teacher and I was teaching math.  Al MacDonald was a junior high vice-principal and principal for many years in Calgary.  Dave Lunn was the Science Department Head when I was at Wise Wood and his wife Carol is a biology teacher (she is the only one still teaching - part-time adult education).  The Russells have been good friends of the MacDonald's for many years.  Al Russell was a long time Calgary junior high principal (Al MacDonald was his vice-principal) and superintendent while Donna taught elementary.  This was a great bunch of friends to cruise with.  I have known Al for a long time through my early junior high coaching days.

Arlene and Al MacDonald

Donna and Al Russell Carol and David Lunn

Itinerary Map

Day 22: Athens, Greece Day 23: Athens, Greece Day 24: Cruise Begins Day 25: Cruise at Sea Day 26: Varna, Bulagaria Day 27: Odessa, Ukraine Day 28: Constanta, Romania


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