Kathryn and Ken's European Vacation

All photos are the property of Ken Runquist and have been reduced in size for faster downloading.  The originals are 1280 x 960.  Contact me by email if you would like a larger size copy of any photo.
Week 6
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One Week Not Enough
There is so much too see in Italy and so little time.  We will have to come back here again

Hot Weather
Our luck with the warm weather continues to hold.

WEEK 6: October 10 - 17:


This week was spent in Italy.  I have moved Day 43 into this week as it is the last day we were in Italy.  These are some of the sites we saw:

Venice Grand Canal Coliseum Trevi Fountain Michelangelo's David Leaning Tower of Pisa



Day 36: Venice, Italy Day 37: Venice, Italy Day 38: Rome, Italy Day 39: Rome, Italy Day 40: Rome, Italy Day 41: Rome Italy Day 42: Florence, Italy Day 43: Tirrenia (Pisa), Italy


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